ai-one has mentioned in serval speeches about the problem of Fake-News and NLG-Approaches by robot agents. Also we have discussed the issue of ocial-media-bots. and robo-journalism*.

Now Swiss television has made a very detailed report and study about the case of fake followers on Instagram. (Only Switzerland Accounts) As average the detected 30% of Fake-Follower on so called influencer profiles. Some profiles have up to 60% fake followers. The problem with this is, that this fake profiles are infecting other profiles and its like a snowball effect, almost not to stop.

As mentioned this study is made on SWISS-Accounts at Instagram. However the over 7 Million validated profiles give a quit significant statistic quality. We are sure, that this result easily can be compared and adopted into other countries.

*Robo-journalism is the process of automatically writing complete and complex news stories without any human intervention.

The results show that fake followers are indeed a widespread phenomenon, as almost a third of approximately 7 million classified accounts appear to be fake – on average, the surveyed influencers have around 30% fake followers. Also, influencers with high ratios of fake followers seem to form a distinct cluster which stands apart from influencers with a "normal" base rate of fake followers.

A Statistical Learning Approach

SRF Data, Jennifer Victoria Scurrell, Timo Grossenbacher ( October 2017

There have been quite some reports about high numbers of fake followers in the emerging influencer marketing business. However, we know of no systematic study that actually tried to thoroughly quantify the phenomenon. This journalistic investigation therefore sets out to quantify the amount of fake followers in a representative sample of Swiss Instagram influencer.

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A.I. as a ember of the social order

Once A.I. has a position with the role "member of the social order", A.I. Automatically integrate and sub- ordinate themselves to the prevailing social order. It does not matter whether A.I. has consciousness or mind. Positioning and taking over functions and actions within a social order inherently requires that these robots, software programs, agents etc., be subject to the prevailing social order. That means A.I. can be prosecuted, needs insurance, must pay social welfare, health care, tax. A.I. replaces Human’s in their positions and takes over their responsibilities, so A.I. must pay as Humans would. A.I. Must subordinate themselves to this prevailing order, if our society does not want to build up serious conflicts!

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Intelligent agents at work

Dank dem Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz können Unternehmen Durchlaufzeiten drastisch reduzieren, Fehlerquellen und Zusammenhänge schneller erkennen und teilweise finanzielle Optimierungen in Milliardenhöhe vornehmen. Einsetzbar sind solche Algorithmen schon heute in zahlreichen Branchen, wie im Referat von Walter Diggelmann anhand von verschiedenen Beispielen gezeigt wurde. 

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Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, companies can drastically reduce throughput times, identify sources of error and correlations more quickly, and in some cases carry out billions of euros in financial optimization. Such algorithms can already be used today in numerous industries, as shown in Walter Diggelmann's presentation on the basis of various examples.

Information Overload | Out of Control

Too much information and no idea about the quality and truth of the information. For "normal" consumer and recipients, it’s nearly impossible to judge what is right and what is wrong. We are unable to decide whether the information will affect us or not. But one fact is clear, we are strongly influenced by all this information and we lose control! 

It's time to do something now!

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Semantic fingerprint

The concept of the semantic fingerprint is reducing the challenge of handling semantic concepts and messages to get communication between machines and men, making machines simpler and faster. With the generative semantic hash-code, containing neutralized message concepts, the barriers between languages can be overcome very simply.

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The need for intelligent solutions 4.0

Because the world gets more complex every day, information overflow and data overkill forces us for faster decisions, but the quality of our decisions does not get better! As a fact, more and more decisions are based

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Concepts (Generalizations; Higher-level thinking)

Concepts occur as abstractions or generalizations from experience; from the result of a transformation of existing ideas; or from innate properties.

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Chances & Risks Of Big-Data

Science is not blind, experts are aware that big data, the new computer power and data analytics will invite Good & Evil!

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