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Build an Interactive Visual Search Interface for Your Documents

We can extract dates, authors, titles, locations, entities, sentiment and classifiers from the documents in your files and help you build an interactive visual interface to the index using a BI tool like Tableau. Better search and analytics from your "dark data". If you're interested in this or other custom projects in our portfolio, click the link to download an overview presentation or drop us an email. (

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NASA | Marshall Space Flight Center

ai-one is a recognized Who’s Who in text analytics technology, which will enable ACO to obtain information from almost any digital source, in any language, regardless of its structure (or lack of structure).

ai-one technology was used to perform a technology assessment of wireless sensors, collected data on wireless sensors from the NASA Technical Reports Service repository.  With the help of the ai-one technology and support from ISC Consulting Group, ACO created 45 agents to represent various avionics system designs. This was done not through programming, but by providing each agent a few paragraphs describing each avionic system. The 10,000 paragraphs were then evaluated by each agent and scored on how well the wireless sensor paragraphs matched the capabilities described by the avionics system. That amounts to 450,000 assessments.

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